CODESOFT for EPSON - First Year Promotion

Get a free limited-term license of CODESOFT for the EPSON ColorWorks C7500 Inkjet Label Printer. This version of CODESOFT only supports one printer: the EPSON ColorWorks C7500.
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You can download your limited-term license of CODESOFT for EPSON for free today!

This barcode label software is specially designed to work with the EPSON ColorWorks C7500:

Download for free CODESOFT for Epson TM-C7500

Only works with the EPSON ColorWorks C7500

Works until February 1, 2017

No purchase or credit card required

No tacit renewal. Return to this website to renew your license at a reasonable cost.

It's easy to move to the full version of CODESOFT that supports all your printers.

Note: CODESOFT for EPSON is offered as an online license by default. If you need to install CODESOFT for EPSON on a computer that is not connected to the internet, please call TEKLYNX at 888-629-4444.

Why CODESOFT for EPSON? It's built on CODESOFT Enterprise, the most advanced barcode label design software available. 

  • With a WYSIWYG environment and efficient wizards, CODESOFT Enterprise offers a wide range of features that make label design easy.
  • Specifically developed driver: TEKLYNX developed a driver to communicate in the ColorWorks C7500's "native language," so you can make the most of your printer features. Enjoy the ColorWorks C7500’s fast printing speed and high image quality!
  • Tagged text management: This new feature allows you to automatically highlight predefined text using different fonts and colors.
  • GHS Compliance: CODESOFT Enterprise can help you achieve GHS compliance.
  • Enhanced Rich Text Fields: Fit to Frame option allows you to dynamically resize text to a specified area based on the amount of text contained in that field - a major advantage for GHS label creation.
  • Enhanced Text Art: Text can be set to interact in a predictable way with overlapping objects, optimizing the use of space available on a label - a major advantage for the chemical labeling industry.
  • Scope of Use: CODESOFT, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, fits any kind of retail market requirement.


Printer connection EPSON ColorWorks C7500 only
Windows Printers Not supported
WYSIWYG label design
Full UNICODE support
Multilingual user interface (25 languages)
Wizard-based user interface (including New Label, GS1, HIBC, and Database wizards)
Drag-and-drop label design
Password protection on documents/labels
Lock/unlock objects
Live preview of graphics and labels
Hidden (unprintable) objects
Group and ungroup objects
Automatic resizing of objects (Fit to Frame)
Color text and printing
Reversed text (foreground/background)
Native (printer) and graphic barcodes
Over 100 industry-standard barcodes, including circular
Add background pictures to labels and documents
OLE objects for insertion of external objects or documents
TextArt (allows curved and rotated text)
Rich Text Fields
Table Lookup
Display multiple records on the same label (ListField)
Compliance label templates (Military DoD, Healthcare, Shipping, and more)
Multi-tabbed label design
Copy and paste objects between multiple labels
OCX Field
Object Order
Click Print
Printing Logfile (label name, printer, user, and more)
Directly modify printer code (Job Modifier)
Download fonts to thermal printers (Font Downloader)
Define user access rights (User Manager)
Retrieve data from serial devices (COMet)
Export label as a graphic for use in other applications
Import labels from FTP
Import printer code from other applications
Label Comparison Tool
Command File Interpreter (CFI) - Automated printing
Form Viewer - View custom-made forms for data entry/bar code scan and print
Form Designer - Create custom interface
ActiveX Basic
ActiveX version 1 and 2, .NET Wrapper, Command line
Database Management
Database wizard
Database Manager with batch printing options
OLE DB / ODBC / ASCII database connectivity
Access multiple tables simultaneously
Filters on tables
SQL mode/query builder (advanced users)
Create/edit query
Save query
Grid view/print
Data Source Management
Flexible date/time stamping (real time and offset)
Select value from custom list (Pick List)
Variable graphic images
Shared variables on multiple labels
Control the display of variable data (Output Mask)
Counting bases (6 bases and custom)
Advanced counters (linked, shared, rollover)
Accumulate value
Combine data or multiple fields in object
Form Management
Require specific input data (Input Mask)
Define minimum input length
Automatic prompt